5 Tips For Those Perfect Background Photos / by Renee Jael

Hi girlfriends!! I am so excited to have a sponsored guest post with Caitlin from Cait's Cozy Corner share 5 Tips For Perfect Background Photos! If you have had your eye on my IG or other bloggers you'd know an amazing background makes a huge difference to the look and feel of your image. As a photographer I personally know the impact of this and thought these were super helpful, Check out her tips!

As a fashion blogger, you think of your outfits all day long. By no means do we have it all together sometimes and it could honestly take a few hours to pair the perfect shoes with the perfect accessories. Then taking a picture that coordinates with your outfit? Phew! We make it look effortless but there are actually several steps to help you out and get that perfect photo for everyone to like! I’ll be sharing a few tips on how to find the perfect backdrop for your photos fashionistas so sit tight, buckle up and let’s go!


1. Walk Around Your Neighborhood- The first thing I do when scouting for the perfect backdrop, is just walk my neighborhood. Not all of the houses in mine are the same. Some have more pleasing looks like a white picket fence, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers or a huge weeping willow.  Sometimes I even take the kids with me and we drive to a different area of town that I’m unfamiliar with just to scout new places! There are always a street or location that you haven’t found yet so be sure to explore when you have the time to really think what type of outfits you could see yourself wearing when at that location. I mark them down in a book as well as take pictures of the spot so I know when I’m planning where to go and what to wear!

2. Record Your Notes - When I’m about and about on my lunch break and I come across a location I just can’t pass up ( like a great brick wall or a fun painted exterior of a house ) I have to grab my phone, snap a quick picture and then plug in the street address so I know what I’m looking for in the upcoming weeks. Let’s say I don’t really have time to drive around for hours on end ( because we all have a life ha ). Google Maps becomes my best friend and I’ll “Drive around” on their website! I’ll look at the notes that I have with a cross street or address and punch it into Google Maps. From there, I can use the street view to virtually “drive” down the street to find the exact location and make sure that it’s a great spot for my blog of Instagram photos!  

A word of caution. Make sure you look at the date on Google Maps because I had thought I found a great location and realized too late that the photo had not been updated in a few months. When I got there, the house that I had previously loved had been torn down! Oops! Here’s how you can check the date. There should be a date in the left hand corner. That simple right?

3. Use Hashtags - I recently just started using this idea from a friend of mine who always scouts the best places to take her photographs for Instagram. I plug in the city that I am in. Next, I’ll type in parks or any neighborhood hashtags that I can find close to where I’m located. If I find a photo that is geotagged ( meaning that the location is right under the person's name ), I’ll use my Google Maps method or continue to keep searching under Instagram. They are so handy!

4. Add Props - If you don’t think the background of your photo will be that interested once you’ve taken them, think of what else you could add. I love finding old vintage cars as part of a backdrop too! One place in particular, Sanford And Son Junk Cars, has so many to choose from for your photo shoot needs! Sanford and Son purchase cars that you need to sell quick and always give you a great deal too. They understand the importance of trust, comfort and safety in the process and have been helping the metro Atlanta area for decades! I bet you could even find a great vintage car for your photography needs!

5. Network- I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at a great photo on Instagram and couldn’t stop swooning over it. Luckily a few of my blogging buddies are so sweet to share where they took their photo and now I take some great fashion ones there as well! Chatting and networking with other bloggers in your area is huge, especially for extremely popular ones or if you just moved to a new city like we have! 

Now that you know some ideas on how to keep a look out for the perfect backdrops for your photos, I would love to hear your thoughts too! What are some ways you scout for those great backgrounds for your photos?


Hope you enjoyed these tips gals!

Until next time,