When life was this simple

When I arrived at the Hall home, Eliana and Nehemiah were just arriving from church, and excited for their time in front of the camera. Kids-the are so very pure and they are some of the my favorites to capture. Minutes after I got inside my shutter was endlessly clicking. It was one of those perfect days--even though the weather was somewhat yucky--where every shot gave me heart eyes. Their joy, excitement and childlike wonder was contagious and I giggled right along with them. I loved seeing them be themselves in their home. Reading, playing and simply being children. I also loved this time because it reflects what I want my images to be-light and airy. Over the years I have somewhat struggled to find my style as photographer but with all my heart I believe I landed on something I love that reflects me ! It is the very last day of 2016 and my last client blog post. It give me so much joy to see how I have grown this year in my work