Late Summer Love / by Renee Jael

An intimate, cozy, ordained day for Brandon and Tanya was the perfect template for a wedding, for two people to express their love and commitment. A perfect day to enter into a covenant with each other and with God. 

I arrived on a dewy late summer morning to see an exceptionally beautiful Bride and expectant groom. The day was theirs, and the morning ready to welcome them into a life of forever. 

Tanya and I snuck away, just her and I; Her and a camera to memorize just how beautiful she was. & then Brandon, to capture how readily excited and handsome he was to see his bride. 

A day they wont forget, and I got to create lasting memories, that late summer morning with their family, a cute pup, a deliciously and softly decorated wedding cake, brunch and champagne. 

Glorious morning, indeed. 

 Flower topped perfection

Cheers to the new Mr and Mrs. Keith!!