Kristina is one of the most ambitious women I know. In the 5 years I have known her-I have seen her sore and accomplish her gaols. Most recently-she launched K.House and has been networking, setting up pop-up shops and selling her clothing online. 

I'm so excited to see where this takes her-she is so gifted and I am honored that i get to help capture her pieces. 




I met this beautiful one at our young adult ministry---where I meet most people, lol! She carries such a peace, and rest that I admire and I couldn't be more delighted that I got to catch that on camera. 

Erica-You are beautiful-in and out <3




This is Jalyn! She's such a strong and sweet woman.  I met her a few years back while she volunteered in the office at our church! I'm so glad she got a hold of me to help her elevate headshots for her real estate business. I love when my clients come to me and say and have some form saying that goes "I'm not good in front the camera" and yet still they look like models! SO proud of what you're doing Jalyn! 

You look amazing. 


Chian and Kenny


Chian and Kenny have such a beautiful family! And when it came time to capture their growing family, Chian was so excited to put all the details together. it is such a monumental journey to bring a little human into the world and I loved seeing her throughout the process. 

I am so in love with this shoot and i am sure you can see why! 

Congrats to an amazing couple, your family is beautiful!


When life was this simple

When I arrived at the Hall home, Eliana and Nehemiah were just arriving from church, and excited for their time in front of the camera. Kids-the are so very pure and they are some of the my favorites to capture. Minutes after I got inside my shutter was endlessly clicking. It was one of those perfect days--even though the weather was somewhat yucky--where every shot gave me heart eyes. Their joy, excitement and childlike wonder was contagious and I giggled right along with them. I loved seeing them be themselves in their home. Reading, playing and simply being children. I also loved this time because it reflects what I want my images to be-light and airy. Over the years I have somewhat struggled to find my style as photographer but with all my heart I believe I landed on something I love that reflects me ! It is the very last day of 2016 and my last client blog post. It give me so much joy to see how I have grown this year in my work


Sweet, loving, Kind and....Hilarious-Ciara

Meet Ciara! One of my dearest friends! She laughs till she cries, tells the most amazing stories, loves cupcakes and chicken, lol, supports her loved ones, is passionate about life, singing dancing, marriages and her family and we call her our Disney Princess ! I seriously can't imagine life without her and this sunny fall day, was a little reflection of her beauty, joy and the Love God has for her. This year, she's been pressing into God's love for and He has been her strength, joy and comfort! She is so strong and so beautiful! Oh and her dream is to be in a musical, or was that broadway musical?

My sweet, theatrical, disney loving friend-you are beautiful and this pictures are only a glimpse of just that! 

"For my Joy is this..For the Cause of Christ"

Late Summer Love

An intimate, cozy, ordained day for Brandon and Tanya was the perfect template for a wedding, for two people to express their love and commitment. A perfect day to enter into a covenant with each other and with God. 

I arrived on a dewy late summer morning to see an exceptionally beautiful Bride and expectant groom. The day was theirs, and the morning ready to welcome them into a life of forever. 

Tanya and I snuck away, just her and I; Her and a camera to memorize just how beautiful she was. & then Brandon, to capture how readily excited and handsome he was to see his bride. 

A day they wont forget, and I got to create lasting memories, that late summer morning with their family, a cute pup, a deliciously and softly decorated wedding cake, brunch and champagne. 

Glorious morning, indeed. 

 Flower topped perfection

Cheers to the new Mr and Mrs. Keith!! 

Jewel and Eric Engagement Portraits

I first met Jewel in 2012 or was it 2013, either, she's one those friends that will be in my life forever. I met Eric, in 2015! And little did I or they know that this day would come. That one day, they would say yes to each other. To say they are my friends isn't accurate, they are my family.   

So excited about their wedding that is coming up in less than a month!! 

Bridal Shower Portraits

I've been enjoying all things bridal lately! It's such a beautiful season in a persons life and to be a part of their celebrations makes my photog heart oh so happy. At Tamika's Audrey Hepburn inspired Bridal shower, we got to sneak away for a few moments to capture her beauty and details of her Audrey Hepburn inspired look. Enjoy, and swoon away...

xx Renee Jael

Terasha: Writer & Dream Chaser

I first met Terasha at  Fusion about a year or so ago and was stoked when she connected with me about helping her develop her brand for her blog. Why? Because I had began dreaming about helping others do that very thing. This was birthed when I did a workshop for the Eve Within Conference of March 2016 and grew to have a passion about Branding. Well, Terasha is a raw-real deal-kind of writer who is passionate about truth, freedom and God. She launched her devotionals this past January and decided it was time to create a space to share her story and for women to come and experience truths from the Word that have helped her to live brave and free. Here are some of my FAVORITE shots from that early spring morning and while you're checking those out...go have a look at her brand spanking new blog... Scar On My Forehead!

Angela and her Angel

She is one of my absolute favorites. She is my best friend and I adore her to pieces. She was one of my very first models when I was curious about photography. I love that she can trust me to capture moments of her life that she'll treasure, forever. Here you'll find her doing what she loves, nurturing her daughter who was born two months prematurely. Still breastfeeding because she so strongly believes in its benefits. After all, Imani  has thrived because of it. You'll also see her wearing maxi skirts that she now sells on her brand new Etsy shop, Simply Imani, go here if interested: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SimpyImani , trust you'll wanna see her spread: enough on the words. Enjoy this journey on a wonderful afternoon. I've been swooning over the beauty in these images. Cheers!