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About Renee 

Fine art Photographer, Editor + Personal Stylist.  

Fine Art Photographer + Visual Director for Weddings + Families

I love the miracle of families. The beginning of love and how it grows. The finding of it, the sealing of it and how it grows. How deep and integral it is as a part of our lives and I wholeheartedly believe it should be documented in style. 

I'm a warm, optimistic creative that knows how to style and create the story of your love, and growing family. It's my passion to give you a visual story that will take you back to the emotion and feeling of the love you found and how it's grown over the test of time and the journey of life. 

Your story is meant to be captured in unparalleled style.-Renee Jael


There's a quote that defines my being..."Through these mountains, I blossom". Mountains, and valleys they come to shape us, mold us and lead us onto unfamiliar, unexpected paths and it's my life's goal to share of the freedom I've found while remaining rooted in faith, love and hope. Gah. The love I know to unfailingly catch me is pure yet fierce and I live to write it, feel it and share it. There's something about overcoming and staying the path that burns in my bones, and I've got to tell it. 

 Personal Stylist

My mom made some of my clothes when I was younger. For as long as I've known, I can close my eyes and think about pieces that create the look I wanted for any given event. In my teens, I'd share the vision with my mom and my seamstress (who I wished didn't live so far) but now I refer to my medium sized, color coordinated walk in closet. I know what it's like to love my body but also not be so fond of how things fit. My style blog and personal styling service is meant to work together. Focussing on the inner parts that keep us from being our best selves, outwardly. I help you save money and time by investing in consultations, and pieces that you will actually wear because it flatters who you are. Marvelous and unparalleled to any other. 

So, I'm glad you're here. I'm somewhere debating on having a matcha latte or chocolate before, after or during, (most likely during) doing any of the above.

Cheers to love, freedom + style,





Choosing confidence in saturation.

As a visual director aka photographer-I have to admit that I have found myself in a sea of many other talented people. If I can be transparent-Initially-that was very intimidating yet underwhelming-to be in a well saturate market but what's reassuring is this-there's only one me and no one else can do what I do, how I do it. My belief in family, love and the miracle of it is the driving force behind my photography. I'm fascinated by my clients and their stories. 

I commit to a pure, authentic journey-wherever you wish to join me.
— Rene Jael

Editorial Confidence.

My commitment to you as a reader, is to write the truth despite how I feel, not through my lens but through the lens of the Word. It's to be transparent about my wounds that have turned into healing. It's to recognize and acknowledge that these are my stories and one dimension of perspective. 

I welcome dialogue about these places of pain and victory and invite you to connect with me.

Let's stay rooted in our faith together.

P.s--you'll find a video here and there so we can verbally address the topics at hand. 


We've all got something in common.

We've all got something in common, ironically- we're all unique.

Helping you find your unparalleled style is my goal--To see you comfortable, saving money and wearing the style you love and feel good in. 


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